Cremating Services

Cremation: The Best after death process

Cremation is the act of burning the corpse of any living being. The animals can also go through this act and there are specialized cremation centers for animals to carry out their end process with grace and full respect.

Cremation involves a large furnace termed as ‘crematorium’, which generates the temperature up to 1800 degree Fahrenheit. There is natural gas fueled in the furnace for even burning. The body is placed in the chamber called retort, which is lined with the heat resistant bricks for the process to be undertaken without causing any damage to the main components. It approximately takes two hours for the entire process of cremation and the remains are dry bone fragments (called cremains). It is only about 3 percent of the former corpse and the rest of the body is vaporized and oxidized.

Cremation The Best after death process

The common practice for pet cremations is to place the bone fragments into urns for dispersing at some location or storing it for remembrance. There are people who choose simple cardboard box, hard plastic box or specialized urns for the process. Urn is the specialized vase made up of ceramics or metallic elements, which can display the ashes in a classy form. for related information, visit :

The remains can be dispersed in any location as they are non toxic and biodegradable. There is a permit required n some areas for dispersal. It is commonly done in sea, national parks and open meadows. There are many companies giving options for dispersal of bone ashes and the rare chance is to ask about the process for converting the remains into artificial diamond, which can be kept safe or worn life natural diamond.

Cremation is not adopted by everyone, but it is among the eco-friendly and safest ways to dispose off the dead bodies of animals. The process might sound harsh, but it is always for the better of nature.