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When you lose your horse, your treasured companion, it can be just like losing your best friend. However, it is a reality and responsibility that you ultimately accept when you choose to share and enrich your life with a horse.

What can be even more painful, is that until now, there have been very few options for handling your special friends when they pass away.

Whispering Pines Animal Crematorium, is a state of the art facility available to horses and other animals (small and large) from the entire New England Region and beyond.

Cremation is a wonderful option to perpetuate your horse’s memory because:
• Horses are cremated in entirety
• Each cremation is a private cremation
• Cremains are returned generally within 48 hours or less
• Your horse’s cremains are returned to you in a hand crafted permanent wooden urn made from fine wood with raised panels

Coping with the loss of a horse is an emotional experience, because in addition to your loss, there is the sensitive nature of handling the deceased horse. Whispering Pines makes every effort to handle your horse with the best of care.

There are several options available for your consideration given each individual circumstance. Some of these are as follows:
• If it is humane for the horse to be transported alive to Whispering Pines, arrangements can be made for a veterinarian to perform euthanasia upon arrival
• Whispering Pines can provide transportation services from your farm to the crematorium
• Euthanasia can be performed by your veterinarian at your farm
• In a situation where the horse has a scheduled euthanasia, Whispering Pines would like to be “on alert”, so we can coordinate with you and your veterinarian an appropriate pick-up time. Please call our office at 603-516-0340 to schedule. Whispering Pines business hours are Monday thru Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

Paperwork and Financials
• Each pet that we service is followed by an authorization form. You (or someone you authorize) will be required to complete this paperwork at the time of pick up.
• Payment can be paid by Visa, Mastercard or Personal Check
• Payment is required at the time of pick up

• At Whispering Pines Animal Crematorium we strive to manage the death of your loved companion in the most respectful and sensitive way possible. Please be assured that the horses entrusted to us are treated with care, consideration and respect. We take every effort to handle your horse with gentleness. All of our staff is dedicated to providing a caring and comforting service to you and your horse

• The process of pick up and trailering a deceased horse is an extremely sensitive procedure. We will do our best to ensure this with the utmost consideration. During this process, we recommend that you have someone to support you emotionally or someone you trust to be there in your place.

• Services from Whispering Pines are available on a 24 hour basis.

• Whispering Pines wants to work with you during this difficult time. Staff is always available to answer any questions and/or concerns that will arise throughout this process. Staff can reached by calling 603-516-0340.

• If you are having any difficulties reaching Whispering Pines personnel, please call the front office at New England Equine Medical & Surgical Center at 603-749-9111.


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